Logo PLDA Group

PLDA Group is the holding company owning PLDA, ReFLEX CES, and ACCELIZE, all of which are serving the Embedded Electronic Systems design market space.


PLDA designs and sells intellectual property (IP) cores and prototyping tools for ASIC and FPGA that aim to accelerate time-to-market for embedded electronic designers. PLDA specializes in high-speed interface protocols and technologies such as PCIe, and Ethernet. PLDA provides IP cores with a complete set of tools, including FPGA production-ready and prototyping cards, System-on-Module components, drivers, APIs and testbenches. These products benefit from a global support and sales organization able to sustain over 5,800 ASIC and FPGA customers worldwide. PLDA is a global company with offices in North America (San Jose, California) and in Europe (France, Italy, Bulgaria).

ReFLEX CES is an innovative company which designs and manufactures custom embedded electronic systems. The company offers high added value solutions for application domains such as high density prototyping, embedded video, bus interfacing, PC modules based systems. The company expertise spans from chip-level and software-level design up to complete system-level design, manufacturing, and production. ReFLEX CES is ISO9001 certified.

ACCELIZE is a leading provider of FPGA-based technology for the Financial Services Industry. Accelize's ultra-low latency FPGA network platforms include leading edge FPGA processing/accelerator cards along with software and firmware libraries. These comprehensive trading frameworks provide an unprecedented time-to-market advantage by enabling financial institutions, including banks, hedge funds, specialized trading firms and exchanges, to concentrate on their value-add algorithms and strategies.