PLDA GROUP is a privately owned technology group focused on delivering leading edge products and services that enable manufacturers of electronic components and systems worldwide to design and market differentiated products faster, without risk, and with dedicated support from highly skilled engineering teams.

With over 6,000 customers worldwide including most of the Fortune 500 technology companies, PLDA GROUP is the trusted and dependable expert for any embedded electronics project or product.

PLDA GROUP serves the embedded electronics industry through different entities and brands, each having specific domains of expertise.


Accelize develops a unique DRM-powered distribution platform for FPGA-accelerated apps and IP cores. It allows technology companies who deploy FPGA-accelerated compute nodes to boost revenue through instant, scalable, secured deployments of FPGA computing resources to customers around the globe. Unlike traditional upfront payment models, Accelize offers highly scalable pay-per-use pricing for FPGA IP and apps that maximizes value.


PLDA is a developer and licensor of Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) specializing in high-speed interconnect supporting multi-gigabit rates (2.5G, 5G, 8G, 16G, 25G, 32G, 56G, 112G), and protocols such as PCI Express, CCIX, and Gen-Z. PLDA has established itself as a leader in that space with over 3,200 customers and 6,400 licenses in 62 countries. PLDA is a global technology company with offices in Silicon Valley, France, Bulgaria, Taiwan, and China.